Kid Tsu

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"The Spirit of Charizma is in the Building Tonight!" .. What? Through me?

I can't exactly remember which year it was but i think it was about 2004. Peanut Butter Wolf and Madlib were touring, and playing at the Rosemount Hotel in North Perth. I was on support that night, I used to rap as well before getting into beats, so I was performing that night over my own beats. Like any other rapper, I dreamed of hitting it big and landing that killer record deal, but seemed like a long way away at that point.

Anyway, I was extremely nervous that night, smoking a lot of cigarettes before my performance and drinking a little bit too much. I had big ideas on how i would open my performance, coming out full of confidence and opening really big, but that didn't happen. I mumbled out a "hello" to everyone and got straight into my performance.

What I didn't realise, was that Madlib and Peanut Butter Wolf were sitting on stage with me to my right watching my whole performance. This wasn't really the done thing by the main act, as they would normally be too busy thinking about how their own set was going to go.

Anyway, I caught on that they were watching, and saw that they were nodding their heads. That gave me a little more confidence, and i was able to perform the rest of my 7 song set quite well.

They caught up with me after my performance, which was also before theirs, and gave me props for the dope beats i had put together. Admittedly they weren't down with my Australian accent in the rhyming factor, but they really dug my beats. (So much so, Madlib actually stole my 808 hi hat thing i was doing with my beats in that particular set!)

They both also let it slip to friends of mine, that I reminded them of their friend and rapper Charizma. (Apparantly I had the same look in my eyes). They later announced that they were happy to have the "spirit of Charizma" in the building tonight. It felt good that they were talking about me, and that I reminded them of their good friend.

I was a bit floored at the end of the night, so I was spending a lot of time just on my own, pondering exactly what was going on. It was really nice to see Madlib, who was surrounded by fans, breakaway from them and give me a handshake, just to let me know he remembered me, and enjoyed my performance.

It was at that point I realised, I am supposed to be doing what I was doing, musically. Madlib is a great influence on me and i really admire his work. To have him show me respect for the work I was doing spoke volumes to my soul.

I was really suffering at that point, and for that to happen, it really gave me the strength to continue on with my musical journey.

If you would like to hear the most recent milestone in this journey, click here to listen to my debut album, "The Chase"


  1. kool shit keep on doing what ya doing :) peace

  2. This is motivating indeed :)
    Keep CHASING that dream!

  3. I feel like i have never lived b4 the past two months.
    I came up to.norcal on a desperate need to get sober out of an abusive lifestyle.
    My bro Erick boyd, is affiliated with mad lib percy p.
    It it wasnt for.him i wouldnt have persued my dream.
    Doin me.
    Fuck the world.
    One love for all.
    He once told me if you believe your the dopest.
    Then it is. Never back down from things your mind body and soul are speaking to you and saying, i love this
    we can be anything law of atraction.
    You are amazing.
    You are a hero.
    Thx Tsu.

    1. thats great my dude... good to see you making moves... blessings

    2. Well it's currently 2:40 am, i was spending time with loved ones, so it was hard for me to even type proper.
      So heres how i feel.
      I can close my eyes and take my self to that Exact frame of mind you were in, and feel that amount of emotion rushing through you once yah got a nod from distant homiez.
      with all the comotion things can get very very over stimulating and ruin us as people id we dont stay, relaxed, untense, stretched and never alow or selfs to get overstimulated, because , I myself feel that music is sound of the world and we need to embrace every single sound like the rain drops hitting my condo roof.
      Water running, wind blowin the rain, and i can even mix those sounds that im currently hearing with a childs cry or a moan from making love.
      Embrace your aura bro.
      You have radience.
      Much love too you, you gave me that extra push to know this is my life,
      Since i was a child my parents had to pry the walkie talkis outa my hands at six while listening, mo money mo.problems and some pdiddy stuff, lol
      Any way im all over the place man i have soo much wounderful things i want to share but mey lack of commit due to no direction for puting something togethrr like a life puzzle.
      If be perf.
      Any how, good night.

  4. Power to you bro... Much respect... and much needed advice...

  5. Much Respect and Keep the movement going. DON'T STOP EVER!!!

  6. Damn man, this story is so inspiring to a kid trying to make it like me. Thanks for sharing this and keep doing what your doing!

  7. Bless up Tsu exactly the right encouraging message I needed to hear! keep making magic <3

  8. Sometimes we don't know how dope we really are until we hear it from an outside perspective, especially if it's someone we look up to.

    I remember the first time I got props from BDK and thinking to myself "holy shit, that's Big Daddy Kane".....actually I thought the same thing the 2nd time to0! lol

    Difference is we actually have the courage to follow our dreams!

    Continue on the path no matter what obstacles may arise n if some hater ain't feeling it, tell em to take a hike down another path in their own Forest like Whitaker. ..that's myyyy _____ now back to what I was saying n stacking them figures!

    MC Funky J aka Loco Gringo