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Friday, November 22, 2013

You May Not Know Him Yet But Trust Me You Will... Ajent O

This is Ajent O from Buffalo, New York. Dope, dope flows and dope wordplay. Yours truly, Kid Tsunami, will be working on a full length LP with Ajent O in the very near future... to be released on Headbop Music...

Get excited....

Here's Ajent O in action....

If you want to hit him up, visit

And for some free samples of my work... check ... you know the drilly...


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Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip - The Abstract and The Dragon

New mixtape dropping from 2 of my favorites.... I hope it's dope!

2 artists i wish to work with in the future!


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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Twitter Props

Here's some props I've been getting from some heavy hitters on twitter...

Guys if you wanna check out what everybody is so excited about, visit


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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kid Tsunami - Banger Exclusive (Beatminerz Remix) feat Sean Price & General Steele from Smif N Wessun

Hey guys...

Here's the Bang Exclusive Remix from Da Beatminerz, now on YouTube... it features Sean Price with General Steele from Smif N Wessun on the hook.

You can download this for FREE at


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Friday, November 15, 2013

My Time with Serco at Christmas Island Immigration Detention Center

A lot of the reason "The Chase" came to fruition was because of the money I was earning working for Serco. I was able to pay for all my features, promo, and pressings thanks to this job I had. I worked with Serco in a variety of roles, starting as a Client Services Officer, then moving up into a Client Services Manager and a Programs & Activities Manager. Basically, for you that don't know, Serco looks after the security and welfare of asylum seekers in the detention centres for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

We had copped a bit of a bad rap, and I thought I would open your eyes to what was really going on inside these centres from someone who was on the front line.

Our clientele is mainly made up of Iranians, with other cultural groups from Somalia, Burma, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Kurdish, Palestinians and much more. Generally the clients are well behaved, but as their stay in detention stretches out past the 6 month mark, that is when we encounter problems such as self harm, protesting, assaults and riots. From my personal estimation, about 40% of the asylum seekers that arrive by boat are legitimate refugees.

With the Liberal government coming back into power, asylum seekers are not being settled in Australia anymore. As soon as they hit Christmas Island, there is a 48 hour turnaround before they are transported to Manus Island in Papua New Guinea or to Nauru, where they are to be settled. Any asylum seekers who arrived pre decision, are to be settled in Australia, but are expecting a lengthy stay in detention. I even hear they are thinking of taking the clients on bridging visas, that are in our communities, back into detention.

As for Serco services, they were very good. We never used forced on the clients unless it was approved by the department and was necessary. So the idea that we were walking around with batons and tazers is just ridiculous. We had a very good welfare system in place, which is why Serco won the contract in the first place, which touches base with every client's needs on a weekly basis. The relationship between officers and clients was generally very good. We were able to learn off each other, and respect each other. The programs and activities for the clients was also Serco's strong point. A very intensive monthly schedule was created based on client needs, which we would identify through surveying. Some examples of what we would run, English classes, art and craft, various sporting activities and competitions, about Australia, Nauru, Manus class, womens group, current affairs and stuff tailored for unaccompanied minors and children.

The welfare and activites aspects of the centre contributed to the overall security of the centre. The contingency planning that came about after the 2010 riots (which was a result of poor planning and poor client processing times) was top notch, so the centre is prepared for the correct response for any event that may occur, also supported by the AFP and other key stakeholders on the island. Very impressive indeed.

I hope this sheds some further light on what goes on in these centres. Any questions, just comment below...


Kid Tsu

Thursday, November 14, 2013

We Are Slaves - It's An Illusion

One thing I like about hip hop is the power we have in our voice. The ability to be heard. My favorite artists like Public Enemy, KRS-One and Immortal Technique are great examples of hip hop artists using their "voice" in a way to educate the masses. To keep us "hip" to what is going on around us, and encourage us to "hop" into forward movement.

Guys I want to show you something that will change the way you see the "Western" world as you know it. It goes for about an hour, so I encourage you to put aside an hour in your day to watch the below video. It starts off slow, but please stay with it, and watch the entire thing.

As you can see by what you have seen, courtesy of John Harris, the world is a pretty fucked up place.

We are enslaved by our created "person" on our birth certificates. Those birth certificates are contracts. We are run not by people who are here to look after our interests, but a bunch of unknown rich fat cats who own corporations that are fronted as government departments. That is my understanding on what we label "The Illuminati".

Therefore the decisions being made are made on the basis of "what is profitable" and what benefits the "corporation". This is why Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, for example, can not get his cure for cancer (which he discovered in 1994) approved by the FDA. Not profitable.

This is why we continue to deplete our earth's natural resources for electricity when we actually have an alternative energy source by splitting the hydrogen out of WATER. Not profitable.

This is why we do not have to abide by "statute law" unless we accept an invitation to "stand under" the cops. The police "corporation" are there to collect a profit off us, not to protect and serve us. Fuckin legalese.

The fact that 99% of the world's struggling people is controlled by the 1% rich elite is unbelievable to me.

I don't know how to do it yet, but something has to be done. Hopefully this reaches the right people that can instigate a change in the world as we know it.

Please feel free to comment your thoughts below...

Peace (or War?)

Kid Tsu for PM

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Life Without Stigma - Dream of Kid Tsu - Schizophrenic or Sufferer of Schizophrenia?

What's up guys....

I thought I'd get away from the hip hop stuff and get very real with you for a minute...

I was diagnosed schizophrenic in 2006 and I thought I would let you guys know about my experiences and how I have turned my life around.

So it's basically chemicals. I don't do drugs, but that one time I tried ecstasy could have possibly fucked me up. My father is mentally suffering, so maybe it is inherited. I was depressed for a good 10 years before my psychosis, so maybe it was a snowballing effect. The doctors really didn't have the answer for me as to why. On my cat scan, my brain showed a trauma, but I had not bumped my head at anytime leading up to my psychosis.

At the time of my psychosis, I was very frightened. Deathly frightened. My vision felt like it was on constant strobe. I was hearing voices, bossing me, telling me what to do, from when i should do my laundry to what I should be doing with my life. It was constant. So I could not sleep because they were constantly talking to me. The insomnia probably increased everything and made things worse. I would visibly, and audibly see and hear people say derogatory things towards me, that they were not even saying! I would puzzle stories in very odd ways. For example, a conversation at a table, one person is talking about hearing gunshots out of camp, another person is talking about how isolated we were at the gold mine we were at, I piece those 2 pieces of information together and my conclusion? OH MY GOD they are going to kill me and bury me out in the bush. As ridiculous as that was, that seemed like a very real situation to me. I also thought I was cursed, being controlled like a puppet on a string. I thought I could read peoples thoughts. All sorts of really wacky stuff.

I hope that gives you some sort of insight about what a psychosis is like. It is very frightening. You feel like you're locked in a little box that is just squeezing tighter and tighter.

Anyway, I was lucky to remember my mother's number as my phone was dead and my charger had disappeared (that of which I thought was a conspiracy against me) and called her. My mother works in aged care so she had some insight into mental illness and was able to get me home, to the hospital and then to Graylands Hospital. I must commend the nurses, psychologists and other staff at Graylands, Ellis Ward. They are extremely good at, what must be, an extremely testing job.

After a lot of training with my doctor, Dr Sunny from Inner City Health Clinic, and some amazing medication, I am now living an extremely high functioning life. I am the happiest I ever remember feeling and have successfully dropped my first album, "The Chase" and have held down key manager roles in the Immigration Detention Centre network.

For any of you suffering mental illness and dont know where to turn, if you are in Perth, I suggest you contact Inner City Health Service on 9224 1720.

If you're not in Perth, you can contact 1800 18 SANE (7263) ... that's a helpline that can cool you out and put you in the right direction.

Overseas viewers please make use of google and get some help! This can be fixed and/or helped!

Guys, the stigma attached with mental illness is really damaging. Please get yourself an education and visit . It is a great resource for all things related to mental health. Sufferers should not be shunned. The brain can sometimes imbalance and get sick, the same way your lungs fill with phlegm when you are sick. There are exceptional help networks out there. Get involved!

Take care of yourselves, and each other.


Kid Tsu

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It Starts With A Thought - Smart Goal Setting

The idea of making "The Chase" came to me while I was perusing profiles on MySpace. I came across Prince Po's (from Organized Konfusion) and saw that he was offering collaborations for a fair price. I, at that point, didn't know MCs did that. So that then became my goal. To make a compilation producers album with all my favorite MCs. I had no idea at that point how I was gonna put it out or anything like that. I had never put an album out before! But when your thought is that strong and that positive, anything is possible.

So after having the thought, you HAVE to take action. I wrote a shortlist(writing stuff down is really important) of MCs I wanted to work with and went about contacting them. Obviously money was an issue, at the time I was earning about 50k a year, and I realized that would not be enough money, but very naturally, the right thing fell into place after taking that initial action. I hit up Prince Po on MySpace and we did the song "Get It" and then things just snowballed.

Reaching out to MCs extended my network. Their network became my network and so on. I eventually got to reaching out to Yesh, one of my favorite MCs from Brooklyn and had to deal with his manager, Pocho Almodovar. After discussion with Pocho we realized we had similar thoughts and goals and hip hop. We agreed to make a partnership, and now Pocho is my manager. Pocho was able to sort out a lot of "how to" stuff that I had no idea about, and he basically fell into my lap.

So, back to not earning enough money, a job basically fell into my lap to earn $108k a year. I didn't even know what the job was other than being security related. I get onsite and realize I'm on an Immigration Detention Centre. lol... I stayed in immigration detention for the next 3 years, earning great money to fund "The Chase".

Further on I meet Chuck Chilla through Percee P. Chuck did the recording for Percee, and he also happens to be a tour promoter. He knew ALL the MCs on the East Coast as he toured them to LA, and was able to get me in touch with a majority of MCs that just were not online.

 So after a lot of positive experiences and a few hiccups (check my blog Industry Rule #4080 - How NOT to Get a Major Label Record Deal), I have now released a stellar album I am extremely happy with, and it all started with a strong, positive thought.

Guys, we can do anything we set our minds too. The universe has a funny way of making things fall into place, to achieve our ultimate goals. I suggest you dream big.

I have a lot of naysayers. "Errr you had to pay for your features", "Err hip hop has progressed, you're too 90s", "Err your stupid, err your dumb". DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE. DO NOT LET THEM AFFECT YOUR ULTIMATE GOAL. BE STRONG WITHIN YOURSELF AND IN YOUR GOAL.

I hope this helps some of you.

To hear the end result of this incredible journey of mine, i encourage you to please visit


Kid Tsu

Monday, November 11, 2013

Industry Rule #4080 - How NOT to Get a Major Label Record Deal

So although I had a great trip to New York, (check my blog about my trip here) I had an ulterior motive for going there. Let me tell you the back story.

I had paid a lot of money to Nakeshia Aradoz to do a song with MF Doom. Little did I know Nakeshia was only posing as Doom's manager, so I was very upset when i received these exclusive Doom verses which turned out to be the same verses off the song "VomitSpit". I'm still trying to get that money back. Anyway, I get in touch with the MF Doom profile on Facebook and the person on that site tells me to deal with a Rahsun Pickett, who he claims is his cousin. So I'm dealing with Rahsun, tell him about my story with Nakeshia, and pay a lesser amount to do a song with Doom. Rahsun even goes as far as to offer me a major deal with Sony, talking these big advance numbers after hearing my phone voice. He was like "Yo with that voice i wanna know if you rap!" So I send him a demo of my old rap shit and he tells me to QUIT MY JOB (which was paying me $120,000 a year) to meet him in New York. The dude could talk the talk. Saying he was an ex A&R at Universal, and got a job at Sony, with a subsidiary label he was running. I was sold, quit my job went to NYC.

I get to NY and he's nowhere to be seen. I'm calling him and he keeps saying he's in a different city doing business (meanwhile my cell is saying he's in some bum town in Georgia). Long story short, I never meet up with him or Sony, and come back home to Perth broke. I later find out Rahsun had gone to jail for fraud.

And, obviously that Doom is a fake!

So that was part of the reason The Chase took so long to come out, cos I was waiting on these fools. In the end i replace that song with a track with AG. AG is a gentleman, and probably did one of the better songs on the album. So in the end, AG's final piece to my album was a perfect one. AG I will be coming for you to battle you on the basketball court. I will beat you and become a member of DITC as per the terms of our betting agreement!

So the lessons I learned.

Never give the full price up front. Half now, half later. Investigate who you are dealing with, little clues like what city they are in, opposed to where you know the artist to be, are a big giveaway. Question everything. Get them on the phone, or on Skype, and deal direct with the artist whenever possible. Don't jump until you see paperwork!

To check out the results of this hard journey, please visit


Kid Tsu

Boogie Down Bronx - My New York Trip

So about August of 2012 I took my first trip to New York....

and it changed me...

I was staying just off Gun Hill Road, Norwood, Bronx with my manager Pocho. The regular people on the street were really friendly and just had a charisma to them. Just walking up the street to do my laundry was a fun thing to do, cos i knew i would have an interesting conversation with one of the locals. It's funny a lot of them didn't even think I was local, and would speak Spanish to me thinking I was Mexican or something. Up the street on White Plains Road i found a dope little dig spot (one of Pete Rock's early dig spots).

I also visited my best friend from high school. He was staying in Hackensack, New Jersey. The bus trip wasn't very long from Port Authority. He also showed me around Times Square where all the crazy street performers do their thing, and we got to check out the regular touristy spots like the Big Piano from the movie "Big", Central Park, etc etc. I have a bunch of photos that you can check on my Facebook. I got to check the famous 5 Pointz Building (RIP), the Wonder Wheel from the movie Warriors in Coney Island, the famous basketball playground on West 4th Street, Manhattan, and a bunch of other cool shit.

I went to some CRAZY gigs. The Diggers Delight Park Jams, I got to see Lord Finesse, Boogie Blind, Jazzy Jay and Chairman Mao, DJ in Harlem. Thanks to Tools Of War for putting on such a cool event that keeps true hip hop alive. Being at this event with the bboys and the fans truly gave me understanding on what it is that i do. It was hard to keep my emotions at bay, witnessing something truly extraordinary.

I also saw Pete Rock vs DJ Premier at the East River Park Bandshell, presented by Lyricist Lounge. My two favorite producers head to head. The place was packed. It was unfortunate the power cut out just as they were getting into their hip hop part of the routine. I thought it was funny that the crowd were chanting "FUCK YOU BLOOMBERG". I actually felt so alive, and was thinking to myself that i wanted to be exactly where Pete Rock and Primo were. Maybe next time it will be Pete Rock v Dj Premier v Kid Tsunami!

It's funny that they could throw a free, drug free, alcohol free gig, with no fighting and no bullshit. I was thinking that this is the type of thing Australia needs! Maybe I will be in a place to organize such events one day. We also have a lot to learn in regards to how we conduct ourselves in public. None of that shit happens in New York, probably cos you might get shot for doing that dumb shit! We did have a similar event recently in Perth which ran in a very similar way, (Rock The Bridge 2) so props to my boy Rami Barz in Perth.

I also attended the Serious As Cancer gig at Highline Ballroom hosted by D-Stroy. This event was stacked with performers like Masta Ace w/ Stricklin and Punch, OC, Pacewon, Jeru The Damaja, Rahzel and JS-One,The Beatnuts, The Beatminerz, Large Professor, Ill Bill, Q-Unique, Torae, Sadat X (to the left), Craig G and others... It was fucking off the hook. Was only about $20! Real hip hop was in the building that night and I was proud when Large Pro would preach "HOT 97 IS THE CANCER!"

I got to spend some time in Brooklyn with my DJ, DJ Bless. I also ventured out with him and his extended fam to Atlantic City (by limo!) to hit Tropicana. Bless cleaned up on the black jack tables yo! Thanks for inviting me to Prospect Park for a cookout too my dude.

I also got REALLY DRUNK in Manhattan on Friday night... but that's another story... lol...

Anyway, visiting the home of hip hop really opened me up to what I am doing, and what I am supposed to be doing... like i get it now! Sorry Aussies, I now have an American accent. Maybe one day when i achieve the success I'm striving for, I will end up back there on a more permanent basis. If you would like to see how New York Hip Hop Culture has affected me and my work please check out the joints i did with Kool G Rap, Sean Price and Yesh here...


Kid Tsu

Other Albums That Dropped the Same Day as The Chase - June 18 2013

Man I picked a bad day to drop my album this year.... so many other big albums dropped the same day... let's have a look...

Kanye West - Yeezus


Mac Miller - Watching Movies With The Sound Off

















Statik Selectah - Extended Play

















J Cole - Born Sinner


















Marco Polo - Newport Authority

















Quasimoto - Yessir Whatever


Seriously, how the hell was I ever meant to compete? No wonder the album sales have been mad low! lol... if you interested in checking out what I did on The Chase, which also released June 18 2013, visit...


Kid Tsu

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Kid Tsunami feat Sean Price - Bang Exclusive Rap Song Lyrics

[Verse 1]
P! Upper echelon
Top rank, 8-10 minutes for Ruck to sketch a song
Weapons drawn, shoot the shit out a do-gooder
Who keep they nose clean, we don't fuck with hood boogers
P master, P master P,
We are the best, pull the sket and heatin' ya
Jimmy crack corn, nigga, I don't care
The semi smack your dome, homes, I don't care
Mindin' by biz, my daughter, my nine, and my wiz
Stroll through the park, muggers catch a slug in the heart
Food for thought, y'all niggas chugalug on this dart
'Fore the slug put blood on your Clarks, P
Hank McCoy on the record, the Beast
I shank your boy, leave him stretched in the street
The best rapper in the game
Petty crime rhyme, smack a rapper for his chain, P!

[Verse 2]
Yo, the second verse better than the first
That don't mean that the first verse is the worst
It just mean that I'm better than everybody on the entire Earth
Rude ape, your food ate, surf and turf
I smack rappers and shoot haters
Luca Brasi Style..., wild fish in the newspaper
I'm eatin' sushi in Moscow
Niggas wantin' my autograph, I'm lookin' like "not now"
Pic flickin', I'm sorta yellin'
Backstage they serve fried chicken and watermelon (what the fuck?)
Ready to Kimbo jaws
Thinkin' these crackers fucked up like Jim Crow law
Racist crackers
Run to the gun store and have a race with ratchets
I grip the 4, squeeze
Two in your face, bitch, Victor Ortiz, P!


Catch the Beatminerz remix of this below...

The Art Of Making Beats

To make good hip hop music, beats are formulated by the smart art of crate digging. What does this mean bad boy? Records from the genres of Jazz, Soul, Funk, Rock and the various sub genres are collected from dusty old, second hand vinyl stores, flea markets and op shops.

Now, a lot of this will sound erroneous to some of you. Some of you are already involved in the digging culture, but for you new producers getting into the game, I thought I'd break down a few things.

Hip Hop Vinyl

The original DJs such as Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and Afrika Bambaata spun vinyl. They created a way of extending the "break" of a song. The break of a song is when the song breaks down to solo drums or drums with minimal instrumentation over the top. The way they extended the break was by having doubles of the same record, playing one on one turn table then following with the other on the other turn table when the first one finished. Once the first finished, they would rewind the record so they could drop it again while the second side is playing, and so on. Here is an example below...


So you always here the DJ is the backbone of hip hop, that is because of the break. The break is the basis for hip hop music. B-Boys would "break" dance. That doesn't mean they were gonna hurt themselves, no, they were dancing to the break in the song.

So producers are digging for rare "breaks". The rarer the better, because of the whole prestige of having something no one else has. They even used to tape the labels on their records so no one would know what they were spinning!

A good resource for checking where famous producers find their breaks is Another good resource for finding drum breaks is Drum breaks are important in hip hop music making. When you find that record with a drum solo on it, you can individually chop the kick, snare and hi hat and create your own drum patterns.

Another thing, the way music was recorded in the 1970s on vinyl is unlike anything else. So when sampling the record, you are soaking all that ambience from those recording sessions. Sampling YouTube videos, CDs and mp3s just does not have the same warm sound!


There are many machines producers use to sample records. I am just gonna briefly show you the two most popular. The MPC and the SP1200.

Now technology has advanced, and there is much more advanced gear on the market such as Maschine and computer based programs like Ableton. I personally like the raw grit of the older hardware, but the process for making beats is still basically the same.


The rest is basically up to you. How you put your flavor into what ever you are making is entirely up to you. Think outside the box. Keep your drums slightly up in the mix above the sample, just slightly. If you want to hear an example of my beat making abilities in the flesh, visit

Peace Guys

Kid Tsu

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mos Def - Mathematics and Other DJ Premier Beats

I'm a big fan of DJ Premier, and consider him a big influence on what i do. He creates amazing "bounce" in his beats unlike most others, through smart chops, precise cuts and syncopated drums and everything he touches seems to turn to gold. Coming from Texas, he made the move with Guru (who was from Boston, RIP) to New York, and he really gave New York Hip Hop it's trademark sound. I'm gonna showcase a few of my favorite DJ Premier beats.

Mos Def - Mathematics

Gang Starr feat. Big Shug and Freddy Fox - The Militia



Charli Baltimore - Everybody Wanna Know



Non Phixion - Rock Stars



Das EFX - Real Hip Hop



Gang Starr feat. Nice & Smooth - DWYCK



Group Home - Livin' Proof



Rakim - It's Been A Long Time



Jay Z - A Million And One Questions



Notorious B.I.G. - Kick In The Door



Bahamadia - 3 The Hard Way


Hope you enjoyed the joints yo... you can check my DJ Premier inspired track "Authentic" that I also did with Bahamadia right here....


Kid Tsu

Snoop Dogg and Dam Funk - Faden Away

WOW... This totally out of left field.... and I think it works! Big fan of Dam Funk and his continuation of where 80s funk left off... and Snoop seems to complement him beautifully.

7 Days of Funk (Dam-Funk and Snoop Dogg) have released the official music video for their new single “Faden Away” from their forthcoming self-titled project, 7 Days of Funk. Directed by Henry DeMaio, the music video captures a live performance by the duo at an undisclosed, Los Angeles underground party. 7 Days of Funk is set for release December 10 via Stones Throw Records.



Kid Tsu

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hip Hop History & the Universal Zulu Nation

Peace guys....

Some of you may are may not know, I am a proud Zulu Nation member.

The Zulu Nation is a movement created by one of the first 3 DJ's Afrika Bambaata, a hip hop movement that promotes Peace, Unity, Love and Havin' Fun. Bam actually labelled our culture "hip hop", a term originated by Lovebug Starski, and is largely responsible for the culture we enjoy today. For further information regarding Afrika Bambaata and the Universal Zulu Nation, visit where there is a load of information regarding where our culture originated.

The Universal Zulu Nation is celebrating its 40th anniversary this month and are celebrating with a week full of UZN gigs in New York. November is always hip hop history month, as the official birthday of the UZN is November 12th 1973, and "HIP HOP" is 39 years old with a birthday of November 12th 1974. If you check the flyer below you will get a glimpse of all the cool stuff going on in NY this week. I encourage you to become a member of the UZN if you consider yourself a part of the hip hop culture. It is important we understand the roots of our hip hop culture, so we can better represent it though the 4 elements we choose to participate in. I know some of you older heads consider this information erroneous, but I believe it's important we properly educate the next generation of hip hoppers so our culture is continued in its proper manner.

Hip hop culture is something I am very passionate about, something I am constantly learning about, something I want to never end. It is the most powerful movement on the planet. I want the future of our culture to continue to represent the beliefs of the Universal Zulu Nation, and to be a platform for all of us to have a positive voice in our respective communities and in the larger community, for those that have that large following.

I have done my little bit to contribute to hip hop, and will continue to strive, learn, and do more. To see an example of my contribution to the hip hop world at present, please visit for some free examples of my work. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Peace ahkis

Kid Tsu

King Of The Beats - Looking for the Perfect Beat 2013 Trailer

WOW! I can't wait til this drops... features Mr Walt from Da Beatminerz, Diamond D, Marley Marl, Lord Finesse, my dude AG, Showbiz, Ray West & Chuck Chillout among others. A lot of these guys were somewhat involved with my album The Chase...

King of the Beats - Looking for the Perfect Beat 2013 Trailer. from pritt on Vimeo.

I consider myself the next generation after those featured in this video... trying to continue the path these guys have laid out... to show you what i mean please check out...


Kid Tsu

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Eminem Single - Don't Front feat. Buckshot

Man I'm so glad Eminem did this...

I havent heard much of the new Eminem album (Marshall Mathers LP 2), but came across this joint. It's basically a remake of the CLASSIC Black Moon joint "I Got Cha Opin"

I think this was dope of Eminem to redo a classic and give shine to Buckshot (who does the chorus), Black Moon and the Bootcamp Clik. For you younger generation that don't know, check out Black Moon's 1993 album "Enta Da Stage" which features the original version of this joint.

If you listen to Eminem's lyrics in the song, apparently he was almost gonna sign with Duckdown Records before he did with Dre!

“If you ever doubted Eminem as any type of a spitter, listen to ‘Don’t Front’ and that shit will convince you nine-fold,” Buckshot says.

To hear more professional, skilled MCs... visit


Kid Tsu

Monday, November 4, 2013

Legend Spotlight - J Dilla

I was never originally a fan of J Dilla's music, but after a bit of study I realized what a super dope producer J was. He was an innovator and an originator. You can tell by how many producers try to emulate his style.

James Dewitt Yancey, son of Maureen 'Ma Dukes' Yancey from Detroit. Came up in the 90's producing for De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Common, The Pharcyde, MF Doom, Frank N Dank and a whole bunch of others. The backbone of his group Slum Village. One of the world's most influential hip hop producers. Died in 2006 of a blood disease. Basically lived in his basement making beats and collecting records, after being taught how to use an MPC by soul artist Amp Fiddler. He was a special artist indeed. His sound was like no other, drums so clean, that swing!

So after a bit of study with my dude Oath One, I realized what it was that Dilla did to get that swing. Well he wasn't swinging his drums with the 'swing function'. He double timed the BPM. So a 90bpm track was set in the MPC at 180bpm, giving Dilla more spots to lay down his drums. So that swing was constructively placed in the sequence. As simple as it sounds, it is just one example of how Dilla thought outside the box to increase the usefulness of the MPC.

As a cool little way to end this piece, I'll show you a story about J Dilla's lost record collection, stumbled on by record store owner Jeff Bubeck.

J Dilla is a huge influence on what i do. I would like to think if you are a fan of J Dilla, you will also become a fan of Kid Tsunami. To hear an example of how J Dilla has influenced my music, check out for some free downloads of what I do.

You May Not Know Him Yet, But Trust Me You Will... $am Hill

I like seeing the positive new wave of MC's coming through like Joey Bada$$, Action Bronson (even though he's an asshole, see my earlier blog on him here) and even Mac Miller. Another MC who I believe will join these ranks in a similar way is Sam Hill from the Bronx. Have a look below for an example of his work...

I believe he is working with Lewis Parker on some next level shit. So keep an ear out for this cat!

$am Hill, he represents the havenots...


Kid Tsu

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fakin' & Perpetratin' - Grandmaster Jay & Beamz DJ

I find this completely hilarious…..

The above video was a live routine from DJ Jazzy Jeff… you can even hear Mad Skillz crowd hyping over the top of the routine… this BeamzDJ thing does not allow you to DJ…. all those stupid hand movements this so called "Grandmaster" was doing does not affect anything whatsoever… moving your hand over the beam is essentially the same thing as pressing a play button….

See DJ Jazzy Jeff's thoughts here….

and the REAL performance from DJ Jazzy Jeff, you can listen to below…

DJ Jazzy Jeff x Skillz - The Jazz Cafe Experience from DJ Jazzy Jeff on Vimeo.

To further cause a stir, Grandmaster Jay created this whole persona…. he makes some BIG claims in the video below….

BIG, BIG claims indeed…. with no evidence whatsoever to back all this up… see how a real "Grandmaster", Grandmaster Flash, responds….

Don't fake the funk…. Jay you're a nobody… and you tarnish the legacy of DJ'ing from kings like Flash and Jazzy Jeff… for you up and comers in the game, please don't fall for this bullshit… there is a right way to do this hip hop shit…. this is an example of the WRONG way... if you wanna see hip hop music done right... visit


Kid Tsu


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