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Monday, November 11, 2013

Boogie Down Bronx - My New York Trip

So about August of 2012 I took my first trip to New York....

and it changed me...

I was staying just off Gun Hill Road, Norwood, Bronx with my manager Pocho. The regular people on the street were really friendly and just had a charisma to them. Just walking up the street to do my laundry was a fun thing to do, cos i knew i would have an interesting conversation with one of the locals. It's funny a lot of them didn't even think I was local, and would speak Spanish to me thinking I was Mexican or something. Up the street on White Plains Road i found a dope little dig spot (one of Pete Rock's early dig spots).

I also visited my best friend from high school. He was staying in Hackensack, New Jersey. The bus trip wasn't very long from Port Authority. He also showed me around Times Square where all the crazy street performers do their thing, and we got to check out the regular touristy spots like the Big Piano from the movie "Big", Central Park, etc etc. I have a bunch of photos that you can check on my Facebook. I got to check the famous 5 Pointz Building (RIP), the Wonder Wheel from the movie Warriors in Coney Island, the famous basketball playground on West 4th Street, Manhattan, and a bunch of other cool shit.

I went to some CRAZY gigs. The Diggers Delight Park Jams, I got to see Lord Finesse, Boogie Blind, Jazzy Jay and Chairman Mao, DJ in Harlem. Thanks to Tools Of War for putting on such a cool event that keeps true hip hop alive. Being at this event with the bboys and the fans truly gave me understanding on what it is that i do. It was hard to keep my emotions at bay, witnessing something truly extraordinary.

I also saw Pete Rock vs DJ Premier at the East River Park Bandshell, presented by Lyricist Lounge. My two favorite producers head to head. The place was packed. It was unfortunate the power cut out just as they were getting into their hip hop part of the routine. I thought it was funny that the crowd were chanting "FUCK YOU BLOOMBERG". I actually felt so alive, and was thinking to myself that i wanted to be exactly where Pete Rock and Primo were. Maybe next time it will be Pete Rock v Dj Premier v Kid Tsunami!

It's funny that they could throw a free, drug free, alcohol free gig, with no fighting and no bullshit. I was thinking that this is the type of thing Australia needs! Maybe I will be in a place to organize such events one day. We also have a lot to learn in regards to how we conduct ourselves in public. None of that shit happens in New York, probably cos you might get shot for doing that dumb shit! We did have a similar event recently in Perth which ran in a very similar way, (Rock The Bridge 2) so props to my boy Rami Barz in Perth.

I also attended the Serious As Cancer gig at Highline Ballroom hosted by D-Stroy. This event was stacked with performers like Masta Ace w/ Stricklin and Punch, OC, Pacewon, Jeru The Damaja, Rahzel and JS-One,The Beatnuts, The Beatminerz, Large Professor, Ill Bill, Q-Unique, Torae, Sadat X (to the left), Craig G and others... It was fucking off the hook. Was only about $20! Real hip hop was in the building that night and I was proud when Large Pro would preach "HOT 97 IS THE CANCER!"

I got to spend some time in Brooklyn with my DJ, DJ Bless. I also ventured out with him and his extended fam to Atlantic City (by limo!) to hit Tropicana. Bless cleaned up on the black jack tables yo! Thanks for inviting me to Prospect Park for a cookout too my dude.

I also got REALLY DRUNK in Manhattan on Friday night... but that's another story... lol...

Anyway, visiting the home of hip hop really opened me up to what I am doing, and what I am supposed to be doing... like i get it now! Sorry Aussies, I now have an American accent. Maybe one day when i achieve the success I'm striving for, I will end up back there on a more permanent basis. If you would like to see how New York Hip Hop Culture has affected me and my work please check out the joints i did with Kool G Rap, Sean Price and Yesh here...


Kid Tsu

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