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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fakin' & Perpetratin' - Grandmaster Jay & Beamz DJ

I find this completely hilarious…..

The above video was a live routine from DJ Jazzy Jeff… you can even hear Mad Skillz crowd hyping over the top of the routine… this BeamzDJ thing does not allow you to DJ…. all those stupid hand movements this so called "Grandmaster" was doing does not affect anything whatsoever… moving your hand over the beam is essentially the same thing as pressing a play button….

See DJ Jazzy Jeff's thoughts here….

and the REAL performance from DJ Jazzy Jeff, you can listen to below…

DJ Jazzy Jeff x Skillz - The Jazz Cafe Experience from DJ Jazzy Jeff on Vimeo.

To further cause a stir, Grandmaster Jay created this whole persona…. he makes some BIG claims in the video below….

BIG, BIG claims indeed…. with no evidence whatsoever to back all this up… see how a real "Grandmaster", Grandmaster Flash, responds….

Don't fake the funk…. Jay you're a nobody… and you tarnish the legacy of DJ'ing from kings like Flash and Jazzy Jeff… for you up and comers in the game, please don't fall for this bullshit… there is a right way to do this hip hop shit…. this is an example of the WRONG way... if you wanna see hip hop music done right... visit


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