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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hip Hop History & the Universal Zulu Nation

Peace guys....

Some of you may are may not know, I am a proud Zulu Nation member.

The Zulu Nation is a movement created by one of the first 3 DJ's Afrika Bambaata, a hip hop movement that promotes Peace, Unity, Love and Havin' Fun. Bam actually labelled our culture "hip hop", a term originated by Lovebug Starski, and is largely responsible for the culture we enjoy today. For further information regarding Afrika Bambaata and the Universal Zulu Nation, visit where there is a load of information regarding where our culture originated.

The Universal Zulu Nation is celebrating its 40th anniversary this month and are celebrating with a week full of UZN gigs in New York. November is always hip hop history month, as the official birthday of the UZN is November 12th 1973, and "HIP HOP" is 39 years old with a birthday of November 12th 1974. If you check the flyer below you will get a glimpse of all the cool stuff going on in NY this week. I encourage you to become a member of the UZN if you consider yourself a part of the hip hop culture. It is important we understand the roots of our hip hop culture, so we can better represent it though the 4 elements we choose to participate in. I know some of you older heads consider this information erroneous, but I believe it's important we properly educate the next generation of hip hoppers so our culture is continued in its proper manner.

Hip hop culture is something I am very passionate about, something I am constantly learning about, something I want to never end. It is the most powerful movement on the planet. I want the future of our culture to continue to represent the beliefs of the Universal Zulu Nation, and to be a platform for all of us to have a positive voice in our respective communities and in the larger community, for those that have that large following.

I have done my little bit to contribute to hip hop, and will continue to strive, learn, and do more. To see an example of my contribution to the hip hop world at present, please visit for some free examples of my work. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Peace ahkis

Kid Tsu

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