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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New Eminem Single - Don't Front feat. Buckshot

Man I'm so glad Eminem did this...

I havent heard much of the new Eminem album (Marshall Mathers LP 2), but came across this joint. It's basically a remake of the CLASSIC Black Moon joint "I Got Cha Opin"

I think this was dope of Eminem to redo a classic and give shine to Buckshot (who does the chorus), Black Moon and the Bootcamp Clik. For you younger generation that don't know, check out Black Moon's 1993 album "Enta Da Stage" which features the original version of this joint.

If you listen to Eminem's lyrics in the song, apparently he was almost gonna sign with Duckdown Records before he did with Dre!

“If you ever doubted Eminem as any type of a spitter, listen to ‘Don’t Front’ and that shit will convince you nine-fold,” Buckshot says.

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