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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The REAL Origins Of Christmas

Christmas originated as a Roman Pagan Festival called Saturnalia... During this festival, the law courts were closed from the 17th December to the 25th December, therefore there was NO punishment for damaging property or injuring people during this week long celebration.

In an attempt to convert pagans to Christianity in the 4th century, Christian leaders allowed the pagans to continue celebrating Saturnalia under Christianity. Keep in mind, there is nothing Christian about Saturnalia. The Christian leaders of the time named the closing day, the 25th, as Jesus' birthday to remedy the non Christian nature of the celebration.

Therefore, Jesus was not born on the 25th of December.

For further useful information about the origins of Christmas, Christmas Trees, Mistletoe, Gift Giving and Santa Claus, which are all Pagan rituals, check the link below...

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

You May Not Know Him Yet But Trust Me You Will.... Mathas

I would like to introduce you guys to Perth MC/Beatmaker, Mathas. A member of Perth collective "The Community"

Mathas has just recently won the grand prize of WAM Song Of The Year for 2013 with the song "Nourishment" which you can check below. An award well deserved. I apologize for the lack of embedding.

He is amazing with his message, concepts and lyrical ability. I truly hope for BIG things from Mathas and look forward to working with him in 2014.

Please check out and follow him on the social media links from that page. I encourage you guys to check the skills and the important messages of this skillful Perth MC.

I'll leave you with the video clip to "White Sugar" below.


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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Where Is The Chase Available On CD?

What's up guys....

If you're looking for the CD of "The Chase", I have a few links below... don't worry if they are showing "SOLD OUT", we will give these vendors more cds as they run out.... just sign up for notifications with these sites for when "The Chase" is back in stock...

Fat Beats

Juno Records

Amoeba Music 

CD Universe


Best Buy

Jet Set

Sandbox Automatic

I hope this helps you out...

Also, Headbop Music are working on a deal with Slice Of Spice Records to release the vinyl of "The Chase" .... so keep your eye on the blog as I will let you know when it's ready...

For people in Australia, Obese Distribution have received "The Chase" on CD and will distribute in the new year...

For now, you can score free downloads off "The Chase" at


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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Chase Press & Reviews

Hey guys...

Just thought I'd share some press from around the web regarding "The Chase"...

"There is a genuine freshness to Kid Tsunami’s style of production here that is somehow familiar yet contemporary."
Hip Hop Judge

"To cut to the chase, The Chase is a Grail album, a flawless masterpiece that will inevitably be hailed as a classic" 

“His first Stateside-distributed album The Chase serves as an H.G. Wells time-machine back to the days of Timberland boots, and not only yields an incredibly enjoyable listen, but perhaps serves as a reminder to some of these guests about the sound and style the fans are begging for.” 
Hip Hop DX

“I'm hard pressed to find anything bad to say about Kid Tsunami other than to take playful jabs at his nom de plume, so I'm gonna leave you with this: if you're nostalgic for what my friend K-Murdock calls "progressive rap" I think Kid Tsu's "The Chase" is what you're looking for.” 
Rap Reviews

“I'm going to rate the album 4 / 5 because this shit is fire.” 
The Essence of Rap and Hip Hop

“The Chase captures not only a vibe, but a time in history, when going for the paper chase was something you did while making an emphasis to create good music.”
This Is Book's Music

“All the beats are dope, and it's not really a matter of who comes weak or not. Everyone comes correct. It's more about who's your favorite MC. Everyone brought their A-game, and Kid Tsunami matches the quality rhymes with quality beats.”
The Opinionated

“The Chase is pure old-school hip-hop joy from start to finish. Kid Tsunami’s beats and production are soulful and tasteful, and are filled with loads of great breaks, samples and turntable antics.”
Groove On Fire

“This is on some real-ass hip-hop right here!” 
Scene Point Blank

“Hip-Hop producer Kid Tsunami hails from Perth, Australia but his MPC skills make him internationally known.” 
Hip Hop Wired

“Kid Tsunami, an incredible beatmaker from Perth, Australia” 
Hip Hop Gods

“This is just a dope Hip Hop album, one of the best I’ve heard so far in 2013.”

“Making sure classic hip-hop never goes to the wayside is producers like Kid Tsunami who can channel the sounds of old and yet keep things new and refreshing.” 
Hilly Dilly

“The 90’s production sound of the boom bap beats are the hallmark of how music is created and Kid Tsunami stay within the roots.”  
Intrigued Music Blog

“... this album is NOT TO BE SLEPT ON...” 
Ambrosia For Heads

“...this is just some good old fashioned boom-bap with no additives or preservatives....”
Half Time

“Don't sleep on this one - banger after banger. Listen to the snippets for proof.”


For an example of what all these reviewers are on about, please visit...


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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hip Hop Mixtapes Culture

Ok.... let's get this straight.... MC's do not make mixtapes. If you rhyme over a tracklist of original beats, that's a fuckin' album. If you are rhyming over an established producer's beats from the said producer's catalog and are selling it, you're plagiarizing.

DJ's make mixtapes. A mixtape showcases a DJ's skill in scratching, juggling, mixing and track selection. It is also a tool for DJ's to educate their audience with what's hot right now. An MC can "feature" on a mixtape.

Some of my favorite mixtape DJ's include PF Cuttin', DJ Clue and DJ Premier. Go do your homework. I'm not gonna hand it to you on a silver platter.

Peace to all the DJ's keeping our culture alive...

Kid Tsu