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Friday, December 6, 2013

The Chase Press & Reviews

Hey guys...

Just thought I'd share some press from around the web regarding "The Chase"...

"There is a genuine freshness to Kid Tsunami’s style of production here that is somehow familiar yet contemporary."
Hip Hop Judge

"To cut to the chase, The Chase is a Grail album, a flawless masterpiece that will inevitably be hailed as a classic" 

“His first Stateside-distributed album The Chase serves as an H.G. Wells time-machine back to the days of Timberland boots, and not only yields an incredibly enjoyable listen, but perhaps serves as a reminder to some of these guests about the sound and style the fans are begging for.” 
Hip Hop DX

“I'm hard pressed to find anything bad to say about Kid Tsunami other than to take playful jabs at his nom de plume, so I'm gonna leave you with this: if you're nostalgic for what my friend K-Murdock calls "progressive rap" I think Kid Tsu's "The Chase" is what you're looking for.” 
Rap Reviews

“I'm going to rate the album 4 / 5 because this shit is fire.” 
The Essence of Rap and Hip Hop

“The Chase captures not only a vibe, but a time in history, when going for the paper chase was something you did while making an emphasis to create good music.”
This Is Book's Music

“All the beats are dope, and it's not really a matter of who comes weak or not. Everyone comes correct. It's more about who's your favorite MC. Everyone brought their A-game, and Kid Tsunami matches the quality rhymes with quality beats.”
The Opinionated

“The Chase is pure old-school hip-hop joy from start to finish. Kid Tsunami’s beats and production are soulful and tasteful, and are filled with loads of great breaks, samples and turntable antics.”
Groove On Fire

“This is on some real-ass hip-hop right here!” 
Scene Point Blank

“Hip-Hop producer Kid Tsunami hails from Perth, Australia but his MPC skills make him internationally known.” 
Hip Hop Wired

“Kid Tsunami, an incredible beatmaker from Perth, Australia” 
Hip Hop Gods

“This is just a dope Hip Hop album, one of the best I’ve heard so far in 2013.”

“Making sure classic hip-hop never goes to the wayside is producers like Kid Tsunami who can channel the sounds of old and yet keep things new and refreshing.” 
Hilly Dilly

“The 90’s production sound of the boom bap beats are the hallmark of how music is created and Kid Tsunami stay within the roots.”  
Intrigued Music Blog

“... this album is NOT TO BE SLEPT ON...” 
Ambrosia For Heads

“...this is just some good old fashioned boom-bap with no additives or preservatives....”
Half Time

“Don't sleep on this one - banger after banger. Listen to the snippets for proof.”


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