Kid Tsu

Sunday, June 15, 2014

SSR-047... Kid Tsunami - The Chase.. 2xLP On Vinyl... Coming August 2014!

Yo what's good guys....

Thanks to Slice Of Spice Records my record The Chase is finally coming out on 2x LP 12" Vinyl!

Features amazing, alternate artwork from Fred Whyte. Have a look below!

Slice of Spice will be dropping it in August 2014, but I believe you will be able to order it direct from them earlier in the piece.. Keep your eye on for when it pops up!

Thanks again to Fred, Richard at SOS, Pocho at Headbop Music and the amazing artists that feature on this album.

And be sure to check out SOS's other great product! They dropped Marco Polo's album and a hot DITC Remix Project.... quality indeed!

If, by any chance, you are unfamiliar with The Chase, you can hear a sample of the album at


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