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Sunday, October 26, 2014


What's up guys.....

I just recently dropped some new music. A 6 song instrumental EP entitled "Songs For Celia" featuring one joint from Bronx rapper, Wildelux.

The EP is dedicated to my mother Celia, who has just overcome a battle with breast cancer. We are hoping all those cancer cells are now gone after she had completed surgery on her right breast.

The EP tells a story from beginning to end, basically taking a Sunday out of your life. "Songs For Celia" is the soundtrack to your Sunday, from when you "Rise" in the morning, to when you get yourself sorted "Round Your Head", to when you organize a "City Hangout" with your friends (in my case my Mom loves to hangout in the city), to when you hit the spot for the day (avoiding the "Culture Vultures"), to a lovely, warm afternoon's "Coast Ride", to the late night ride "Home".

I hope you enjoy and feel the love I had making this EP. Ma Dukes loves it, and says it was a big part of her recovery. I hope you will love it too!

Peace and Love,

Kid Tsu

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