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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The "Origin" Mixtape

What's up guys...

I am a proud Zulu Nation member.... as a member of Zulu part of my job is to...

  • To educate, develop and improve the present state of mind of adults and youth around the world.
  • To spread our message of love, peace and unity amongst all races through our ways and actions.
  • To preserve the culture of Hip-Hop and all art forms created from it and to use music as a medium for cultural exchange and understanding.
  • To provide a safe haven to nurture the inherent genius of adults and youth around the world.
  • To assist others in developing careers and opportunities as they express their God-given potential and talents.

I have been gaining a bit of knowledge and overstanding into what the early DJ's used to play. These DJ's helped form what is now known as Hip Hop Culture. Some of these DJ's included Kool DJ Dee, Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Disco King Mario, Tex DJ Hollywood, DJ Superman & many others.

Obviously I was not there at the beginning, but this will give you some idea of what they played at the early block parties. I can tell you, this influx in knowledge has broadened my ability as a DJ and has given me a lot of DJ gigs lately!

Check below for The "Origin" Mixtape!

"All the components of so-called Hip Hop have deeper roots, from so-called "graffiti" (stylized urban lettering) to MCin', DJin' and the dance forms associated with the culture. Herc, Bam, the L Bros, the Smoke-A -Trons and many others were continuing a legacy that was all ready in motion. The turning point was when Herc started extending the breaks, which Flash perfected and Grand Wizzard Theodore added to with scratchin' & needle droppin'. The block parties, park jams, house parties, hookie sets, community center jams and other spots that featured this style of spinnin' with no age, dance or dress code solidified a place for a culture that eventually became known as Hip Hop.
Hip Hop was the youths rebellious alternative to the older crowd's, dressed up, disco scene where you couldn't get in if you didn't have money or dressed appropriately and would be ridiculed if you floor/down rocked for more than a few seconds. Hip Hop jams were inclusive to all where as Disco clubs were exclusive.
I believe Herc, Bam, the L Bros, Smokey and the Smoke-A-Trons, Disco King Mario and many others were responsible for bringing together and defining a culture that all ready existed in certain ways. Hip Hop is a culmination of previous Black, Afro-Caribbean and other forms of artistic and cultural expressions. The spirit simply takes another form. Nothing comes from a void. We simply add on and evolve."

-Jorge Fabel Pabon

Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun!

Kid Tsu